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Why we cannot fill pools anymore 

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As the weather gets warmer we know that people want to cool off by getting into a pool. In the past Tangent Rural Fire Protection District use to fill up pools for our citizens upon request. Sadly, we can no longer provide this service to our citizens. Here are three reaons why. 

1. Filling up any pools with our trucks can damage them:

  • Our trucks pump out our water at a very fast rate, a rate that can potentially damage pools. We do not want to accidentally damage a pool while in the process of getting it filled. 

2. The water is not treated: 

  • The water that we house within our trucks is well water. It is not treated and it has alot of minerals within it, making it unsafe for humans. It can cause short-term illness and it may be especially dangerous for certain high-risk populations. 

3. Our trucks dont carry potable water:

  • Even though this water would be meant for swimming rather than consumption, there might be a chance that some individuals might accidentally drink this water. This water is not meant for consumption and we do not want this water to be the cause of illness to our citizens.