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Tangent Fire At A Glance

Tangent Rural Fire District has a long tradition of volunteer service in its community. Our main goal is to provide our District with the best 24/7 emergency services possible. We respond to all 9-1-1 calls in the Tangent area from house, grass, and industrial fires to medical incidents to motor vehicle accidents to light rescue.

Tangent Rural Fire at a Glance

Founded: May 9th, 1958
Current Members:
      3.5 paid staff
       20 volunteers
      0 Student Residents
Current Area Served:
45 sq. mi, which includes Interstate 5, US Hwy 99 E, OR Hwy 34, and a major Union Pacific rail route.
Current Population Served:
Just over 3500
Current Apparatus Fleet:
 3 Engines, 2 Tenders, 1 Type VI Engine, 1 Command Vehicle, 2 Staff vehicles.
Current Tax Base:
$2.5739 / $1,000
Annual Call Volume:
420-440 (79% medical)