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Burn Regulations

May contain: fire, flame, and bonfire

For today's backyard burning and agricultural burning announcement, click HERE.

Open and agricultural burning is regulated and enforced by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Before burning, contact the Linn County Burn Line at 541-451-1904.  The number will connect you with an automated message that is updated daily and informs you whether or not burning is allowed.  For agricultural burning, you must call the Oregon Department of Agriculture Grower Hotline at 503-986-4755.


You may hear references to open burning, recreational fires, or other fire restrictions. We know that this can get a little confusing (Is my grill an open flame?!?) so we hope to help clear some things up.

OPEN BURNING - The burning of organic materials for disposal. Think "Backyard Burning." The general rule with open burning is that if it grows out of the ground on your property, you can burn it during OPEN BURNING SEASON (see below) only. Things NOT considered open burning (and not subject to open burning bans) are BBQs (gas or charcoal), portable fireplaces (wood or propane/natural gas), and RECREATIONAL FIRES (see below). Open Burning is required to be at least 50 feet from any structure if the pile is larger than 3 feet across and more than 2 feet high. Open burning piles smaller than 3' x 2' must be at least 25 feet from a structure. Open burning in an approved container (ex: steel burn barrel) must be at least 15 feet from a structure.

Note: Trash, garbage, rubbish, construction or demolition materials may NEVER be burned. Only organic material which grows out of the ground on your property may be burned.

OPEN BURNING SEASON - There are two DEQ regulated Open Burning Seasons - Spring and Fall. If you wish to burn during open burning season you must call the Linn County Coordinated Burn Message Line each day for that day's burn regulations. The Linn County Coordinated Burn Message Line number is (541) 451-1904.

Spring Season* is March 1 through June 15
Fall Season* is October 1 through December 15

*These dates are general guidelines, and can be adjusted by the local fire authorities based on the existing or predicted fire risk at that time.

RECREATIONAL FIRE - An outdoor fire burning ONLY seasoned firewood that is burned in a ringed fire pit or within a container (such as an outdoor fireplace, portable outdoor fireplace, etc.). Recreational fires are limited in size to a total fuel area (the wood being burned) size of 3 feet across and 2 feet high. Recreational fires are for pleasure, ceremonial, cooking, or warmth purposes. Recreational fires must be at least 25 feet from a structure.

OPEN BURNING BAN - In place whenever an Open Burning Season has ended. (See above) During Open Burning Bans you may not burn yard debris, but you are still permitted to have approved recreational fires and use items such as BBQs and grills without restriction unless a TOTAL BURN BAN/OPEN FLAME BAN is enacted by the local fire authority.

TOTAL BURN BAN/OPEN FLAME BAN - In cases of severe fire risk (high heat, low humidity, high winds, etc.) the local fire authority may enact a Total Burn Ban and/or Open Flame Ban for a period of time until such extreme fire conditions diminish. When this occurs, specific restrictions will be published to the public such as no recreational fires, no fires in city or county campsites, no charcoal BBQ use, etc. These total burn bans are infrequent but important to be aware of and will typically involve local press releases and heavy social media coverage.

AGRICULTURAL BURNING - Agricultural burning is limited to genuine agricultural waste. Agricultural waste is material generated by an agricultural operation that uses, or intends to use, land primarily for the purpose of obtaining a profit in money by raising, harvesting, and selling crops or raising and selling animals.

Remember that YOU are responsible for ANY fire you start, whether intentionally or unintentionally, and that includes the financial responsibility for any damages which may occur from a fire which you start. Always have an extinguishment method at the ready when burning and never leave a fire unattended.

For more information on fire safety contact the Tangent Rural Fire District at 541-928-8722